Texas Stream Team (Old Texas Watch)

Texas Stream Team is a statewide environmental partnership program designed to reduce the pollution generated in Texas and to provide citizens, industry, and public agencies with the information they need to improve and preserve Texas’ natural resources.

Through Texas Watch, students, volunteers, and professionals are trained and certified in water quality monitoring procedures. The program is also expanding to include air monitoring and non-point source pollution activites. Currently, nearly 4,000 citizens monitor the health of Texas lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, bays, bayous, and estuaries.

The active participation and cooperation of all Texans is necessary to safeguard Texas’ natural resources. Texas Watch appreciates the vital role every citizen, community, and business plays in assuring a sustainable future.

Soil Kits

The Chapter sells soil kits that help students and professionls to learn to texture soil by hand. Primarily 4-H and FFA students learning to judge soil use the kits.

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